San Blas Isands, Panama October 2008

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Situated in the Caribbean Sea a few miles off the north coast of Panama, the San Blas de Cuna Islands are the home of the Cuna, a traditional society of Native Americans. Most of these tropical islands are very small. Many are surrounded by coral reefs. The islands are part of Panama, but are primarily administered by the Cuna tribe. (Click on pictures to enlarge.)

Dwight and I visited son, David, and Vicky on board Windfreak, a 36-foot Pearson sailboat while they were cruising the San Blas Islands.  More pictures of their circumnavigation of the Caribbean Sea can be seen at

Diana and Dwight arrive at El Porvenir, San Blas Islands.

Diana, Captain Dave, and Dwight with United States Sailing Vessel Windfreak at anchor in the background.

Dwight is sightseeing from Windfreak's bow pulpit. If the scenery looks familiar, you may have seen the islands on a Survivor episode. We heard that one of the islands is also a popular Microsoft screen background.

While touring one of the Cuna villages, our guide took us to buy drinks. Sightseeing can be a thirsty business.

Dwight, Captain Dave, and Vicky are sailing from island to island. Diana is "before the mast" and behind the camera.

Tuna is almost in the net . . . . Sushi for lunch!

Wonderful Vicky . . . also known as First Mate, Winchgrinder, Photographer, Galley Slave, Deckhand, and sometimes, Admiral!

David and Vicky in Paradise.

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