Tennessee House

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Tennessee House. (Click pictures to enlarge.)

Mountain View is the sixth house Dwight and I have built together since 1990. This one is five miles from Lavada and Ronnie near Gray, Tennessee.

While Dwight built the block walls, I was landscaping to keep the dirt in place. I moved a lot of rocks!

A spring provides water for the house.

We call this tractor Dwight's midlife crisis vehicle. He is fine, but it seemed a good excuse for him to get something he always wanted. It is handy for spreading the gravel for our drivveway.

Gotta have a mailbox.

Our view of the mountains is gorgeous. A little snow gives it a diferent touch.

The red, white, and blue garden has a red rose, white rose, and a blue clematis climbing up the stump. Various other red, white or blue flowers encircle the base.

When this picture was taken, the decor on the other side of this room was still 2x4 s. The cabinets are built "by Diana." (That's me.) It is the eighth kitchen I designed and created.

These turkeys are regular visitors.

For a while this downstairs bathroom was the only room that was completely finished.

Now, there is an upstairs guest bathroom.

Now we have a master bathroom.

The upstairs guest bedroom has a king size bed.

An extra table in the living room provided Thanksgiving 2009 seating for 12.

I have "misplaced" the picture of the master bedroom.

Let's play Bananagrams. Go bananas!

This is a kitchen to create Thanksgiving Dinner in.

These are my wonderful grandchildren.

Why isn't the turkey done yet ? ! ?

All of my family was there. (We saw Dwight's family a few weeks earlier in Ohio.)